About us

„Spark Wedding Films meets the requirements set by the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, and we can guarantee the high quality of the services provided."

Certificate of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants


Your story is our inspiration

During over a dozen years of work on wedding films, we had the pleasure of sharing our knowledge and experience in the pages of the most opinion-forming portals from the wedding industry. A huge distinction was also the emerging articles that described our previous projects.

Company History

We have been developing for over a dozen years to meet your expectations. Currently, we are proud to enter 2018.

The nature of our wedding films results from three components:


We have experience that allows us to make modern productions that become timeless and the most important - consistent with film art. We have gained experience working on the implementation of traditional wedding films and in a renowned film studio creating promotional films and TV commercials. The practice we had allows us to create wedding films with a unique character.


We try to make every trailer and wedding reportage unique. We focus on capturing the real emotions that accompany you. The whole day of the ceremony consists of small, sometimes unnoticed gestures, words and moments, and they create the magic of the day.


We constantly follow the latest developments in film technology. Our goal is to extract the entire potential that lies in the image.

  • 2018

    Certificate - Honorary Partner of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants

    The Polish Association of Wedding Consultants sets standards in the organization of weddings in Poland, which is why the title of the honorary partner is a very important distinction for us. The certificate we have received obligates us to constantly improve the quality, and we take up this challenge for you and for ourself.

  • 2015

    We are constantly developing

    Another person has joined the team. Our team works every day to make every wedding video meet your expectations. We are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9 to 17. If you have any questions, then we invite you :)

  • 2014

    Poland is beautiful

    We had the pleasure to cooperate in the production of the first and most popular motion picture filmed from air promoting Poland "Poland is beautiful" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qbu_FRg8vuU.

  • 2013

    Spark in the new version

    We decided to change the company name - Spark Video to Spark Wedding Film. We also refreshed the logotype. Our e-mail address: studio@sparkvideo.pl and the website address www.sparkvideo.pl remind us of the origins of the company :)

  • 2010


    Over the years, we've been exploring the wedding industry. The breakthrough year was 2010, when we started realizing modern wedding films. One of the first of its kind was the film of Justyna and Aleksander - https://vimeo.com/32692979. From that moment, we have defined the style of our work, which evolves while following your expectations and the possibilities that the equipment gives us.